Try these handy barbecue tips from Outdoor Cooking's Master Chef

Here are out best outdoor cooking barbecue tips as presented by our Master Chef.

Preparing the meat:

Let the meat reach room temperature before you barbeque. This helps to grill evenly.   

Before you barbecue:

If you’re grilling steaks, trim any excess fat, and cut through the remaining fat every 1-1/2" or so. When barbecuing, fat shrinks faster than meat, and can cause the steak to curl.   

Lighting the barbecue:

I always use a charcoal grill, and solid paraffin tablets to get the fire going.

Grilling temperature:

Make sure your barbecue reaches optimum temperature before you start barbecuing. For charcoal barbecues, you should have a single layer of ashy white coals, burning at a high heat level. If you’re using a gas grill, crank it up as high as it’ll go.

Oil the grate:

My preferred method – half an onion dipped in olive oil, rubbed steadily on the grate. The heat of the fire will take care of any residues, and the onion-oil combo both cleans and oils the grate.

Start barbecuing:

Place your meat on the grill. After 1/4 of the grilling time has passed, turn the meat at a 45° angle. After an additional 1/4 time period, turn the meat over and repeat the process. This will give your meat a cool and professional diamond pattern.

So here we go. . . I'll leave the rest up to you. All you have to do is to pick a great recipe (or recipes), get the best quality meat and start having fun.