Dutch Oven Recipes for Backyard Cookouts, Campfires, and Camping Trips

Ready to try our best dutch oven recipes, tips, and techniques for putting your dutch oven to good use during your next backyard cookout, or while sitting around a campfire?

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Dutch ovens were originally thick walled cast iron cooking pots with a tight fitting lid, which made them especially suitable for campfire cooking.  Nowadays, they can be made of anything from Aluminum to ceramics, some are electric and some are even made for use on a stove range or in a regular oven. In the United Kingdom they are commonly known as "casserole dishes".

Dutch Oven Recipes For Campfire Cooking 

Dutch ovens designed for campfire cooking usually have three legs and a slightly convex lid.  This is so they can be placed directly over the campfire, with coals placed on the lid to create more uniform internal heat.  This effectively turns the Dutch oven into an oven. On the other hand, home-cooking Dutch ovens are usually smooth bottomed.

Whether you use your Dutch oven when you're outdoors or at home, or both, you'll find they are ideally suited for long and slow cooking recipes such as roasts, stews and casseroles.

Do you have the time for a great, slow cooking meal? If so, the recipes in this section will get the job done. So why not go ahead and make the most of them?

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Everything You Need To Know, From How To Maintain Your Dutch Oven, To Making The Perfect Dutch Oven Meal 

Do you need some Dutch oven cooking tips?  Or maybe you want to learn how to maintain and put your dutch oven to good use?

Whatever the case, we have the information you need.

I can offer practically everything you every need to know about dutch ovens.  All of the information is geared to helping you perfect the process of cooking with your ovens.

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  1. How to choose a Dutch Oven that works best for you
  2. How to cure your Dutch Oven
  3. How to clean and store your Dutch Oven
  4. How to control Dutch Oven temperature
  5. How to tips for cooking a perfect Dutch Oven meal

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