Treat your friends and family to a great French toast recipe

French ToastGrandma's French Toast

“Start with a basic French toast recipe", my grandmother, a world-class French toast expert, said to me. This is not as strange as it may seem, as she was teaching me how to make French toast at the time. Well, she was making and I was watching, which is almost the same.

My grandmother’s recipes were renowned in our neighborhood, and she would make them for weddings, whenever she had people staying over, and for just about anybody who asked. The scent of cinnamon seemed to permeate the air starting early Saturday morning and lasted the whole weekend long.

Many of these recipes did not really originate with my grandmother, however; they've been around for centuries. As a matter of fact, while the precise origins of this breakfast staple are unknown, a version that appears in a 1st century AD Roman cookbook goes like this: "Break the bread into large bite size pieces, soak in milk, fry in oil, douse in honey and serve". Sound familiar?

While French toast (often called eggy bread in the UK, pain perdu in France and pain dor? in the French-speaking parts of Canada) may have started as a way to use stale bread, nowadays it is a popular breakfast food in America and Europe. When you think of it, this is basically a combination of several classic breakfast foods - eggs, milk, bread - served up with a bit of a French twist.

Somehow you never seem to forget the special tastes of childhood, and even now, many years later, I sometimes find myself yearning for that great French toast. I thought you may be in the same position, which is why I compiled this french toast recipe especially for you.

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Basic French toast recipe