Gourmet BLT's

by Jessica Smith
(Mentor, Ohio)

Jessica's Gourmet BLT's


-4 large square chiabatta rolls halved and
brushed with olive oil
-12 strips of cooked bacon (or preferred amount)
-4 tbls mayonnaise (or preferred amount)
-1 small package of fresh mozzerella cheese.
-12 leaves of basil
-2 handfuls of fresh arugula (or lettuce of choice)
-1 to 2 large beefsteak tomatos cut into thick slices (2 smaller tomatos or one larger)


1. Make sure the grill is on to about 300-350F and the grates are lightly brushed with olive oil and place tomatos and bread (cut side down) onto the gril
2. After a few minutes (when the bread is toasted and the tomatos are starting to char slightly) flip the bread and tomatos and cook until the sides look the same
3. Remove the tomatos and bread from the grill and begin to assemble the sandwiches by spraeding about half a tablespoon of mayonnaise on both the top and bottom cut sides of the bread
4. Place several slices of tomato onto the bottom half of bread and top with a good amount of arugula depending on your tastes
5. Place about three large leaves of basil on top of the arugula and top the basil with several slices of the fresh mozzerella
6. Add several slices of bacon and top with the upper half of the chiabatta roll, cut in half and enjoy!

Makes four sandwiches.

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