How to Make Coleslaw


Cole Slaw is one of America's most popular salads, and is tremendously popular at barbecues and cookouts.

Many people choose to buy the production-line coleslaw, which is really a pity.


Because most store brand cole slaws are runny and lack any real flavor.

Besides, great coleslaw is really easy to make, as the variety of coleslaw recipes on our site will show you.

If you do decide to go ahead and make some home made coleslaw, here are some tips to get you started:

Tips on How to Make Coleslaw

  • Coleslaw shouldn't be runny. The problem many people have is they shred the cabbage too fine, draining the natural water from the cabbage, which in turn makes it soggy. For best results, leave the food processor on your shelf, and shred the cabbage with a sharp knife. I cut the cabbage into quarters, cut slices and then chop them up a little.
  • Only add similar, dry vegetables to your coleslaw. Tomatoes, citrus and and other juice-producing fruits and vegetables are a not recommended. The best additions are celery, onions and, of course, carrots.
  • Whatever you choose for your dressing, use it in moderation. We don't want our nice and creamy coleslaw recipe to turn into a runny mess. Excellent dressings include mayonnaise, vinegar, and various types of oils.
  • Seasoning: Just about everything goes - black and red pepper, fennel, parsley, dill, salt oregano and basil can all be used.
  • For best results: After you have combined and mixed your ingredients, refrigerate the salad for an hour or two to allow the flavors to combine.

Now go ahead and try some of our great coleslaw recipes.