Try These Traditional Israeli Recipes

These traditional Israeli recipes are especially great as an outdoor cooking treat - spoil your friends and family at your next barbecue with a little taste of the Holy Land.

Israeli cuisine not only combines the tastes of the main streams of Judaism, Ashkenazi and Sephardi, it also blends the tastes nurtured over time in over 80 different countries of the Jewish Diaspora. Mix that in with Oriental and Middle Eastern flavors and methods, and you have Israeli cuisine.

Falafel Israeli RecipeFalafel Israeli Recipe

While many of these foods are not unique to Israeli culture, millions of tourists that have visited Israel have taken home a yearning for these very different flavors and tastes – different to the Western palate, that is.

The recipes on this site are among the most popular in Israel. Commonly found in most Israeli homes, they are ideally suited – but definitely not limited to - outdoor cooking.

Many are vegetarian - so if healthy and easy vegetarian recipes interest you, then just scroll down, pick one or more of the delicious recipes below, and treat yourself, your family and your guests to some of the delicious tastes and flavors of the Middle East.

Favorite Israeli Recipes

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