Try these useful outdoor cooking tips and techniques the next time you decide to cook outdoors or barbecue

Roys barbecue tipsRoy's barbecue tips

Want to learn some outdoor cooking tips from a real professional?

A friend of friend, Roy (that's him in the picture you see above), just loves to barbecue. We consider him to be a "Real PRO".

Just about every weekend he's home, he's out at his backyard grill, barbecuing away. He really knows just about everything there is to know about outdoor cooking, and he's taught me a lot of what he knows.

This section details some of the great outdoor cooking methods he's taught me, and some others grilling tips I developed and refined myself over the years.

Whenever I figure out a great technique that works, I usually write it down so I don't forget, a frequent occurrence in my advancing age. And then I store the information on my web site for you to see and use, and for me to find more easily.

So then, just for you, here are the pearls from my 'tips and techniques' file:

If you haven't already done so, we recommend that you read from the list of tips above the outdoor cooking tips and techniques that interest YOU most.