Quick & Easy Self Browning Crockpot Chicken

by Karl K.
(Conway, SC)

Whole chicken that actually browns in the crock pot. The secret is to place it on top of wadded balls of aluminum foil. Tastes just like it came from the deli.

5 lb chicken
Olive oil flavored cooking spray (Buttered flavor will also work)
Seasoning salt (Or Cajun Seasoning, or Lemon Pepper etc)Your Choice
Chopped onions (I like Red ones)
Garlic (Crushed or minced)
Aluminum foil wadded into balles

Spray chicken with olive oil spray and sprinkle with seasoned salt.
Insert onion and garlic inside cavity of chicken.
Spray the inside of crock pot with cooking spray.
Roll wads of aluminum foil into balls and place in bottom of crock pot.
Put chicken back side down on top of aluminum balls.
Cover and cook on low for about 10 hours.
Skin will actually turn brown.

You can use your favorite spices to season the bird and tune it to your own liking. The bird will be really tender. I have also taken my turkey injector and melt a little butter added a little seasoning to it and injected the brest to make it more juicy and not the usuall dryness you sometimes get when cooking chicken, plus it also adds flavor to the breast meat


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by: Dan

Hey Karl,

Awesome recipe! Thanks for sharing


by: Linda

This sounds good, quick and easy, my kind of meal. Thanks for sharing.

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