The ONLY downside to participating in a Recipe of the Day program

Before joining a recipe of the day club or program, read this important information. These types of programs are alluring and can be lots of fun. Who wouldn’t love to have recipes for delicious, quick, and easy dishes conveniently delivered to them daily? I do, and plenty of the people a know do to!

Don’t take this the wrong way, BUT, who in their right mind would subscribe to receive daily recipes? Why do I say this?

Because the most reported and observed downside to receiving daily recipes is a cluttered email inbox.  Imagine not checking your email messages for a few months (which is often the case for many), then logging into your inbox to see some 60+ random recipes.

If this though doesn’t turn you off, then recipe of the day is for you.

With so many recipe of the day programs to choose from which one is best?

By far for most people, the recipe of the day program is more popular than similar recipe of the week and recipe of the month clubs. As I sit here now writing to you, a Google search for the phrase “recipe of the day” returned 191 million results, that’s 191,000,000. With numbers like that, you can easy see that a lot of people are offering recipes of the day.

But which programs are best?

It all depends on your personal preference. You’re likes and dislikes. It really boils down to what specific information you want to receive. Case in point, if you are a busy mom who doesn’t have a lot of extra time to prepare meals, you’ll want to receive daily recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. That way to can pull together a decent meal as quick as possible and serve it up to your family without a lot of hassle.

On the other hand, maybe you do have time to cook meals each day. But your situation is unique in that you have to feed a large family on a limited budget.  Yet still you could even be a more experienced or even a professional cook with other needs.  In all cases,  before signing up to receive daily recipes you must be sure the information you are requesting will meet your immediate needs and help remove the problem you need solved.

Must try Recipe-of-the-day programs

Here we offer descriptions and recommend a few recipe programs that will send you daily emails. whose claim to fame is life made easier, everyday; will answer your question of “What should I cook for dinner”, by sending you daily emails containing quick and easy dishes to great one-pot meals. which you’ve surely heard of, publishes a newsletter where they’ll send you a new recipe each day. Actually Food Network chefs lead you in planning dinner with quick and easy recipes delivered by email. offers two type of daily recipe programs; a meal of the day and a recipe of the day , you can choose one or both.