Salad Recipes and Side Dishes

Cold Salad
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Potato Salad
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Can any outdoor meal be considered complete without great salad recipes or side dishes?  I'd have to definitely say no, because you can only eat so much meat before losing interest.  

For most lunch and dinner meals, we like to start off our eating with a light salad to ease us into our main meal.  We believe the salad really serves two major purposes.

First, as an appetizer salads help to awaken the taste buds for a more enjoyable main meal.  We like the salads listed below because many of them combine fruits and vegetables for an awesome taste.

Second, eating salads will lessen the likelihood that you will over eat during the main meal. This is especially important when you go out to your favorite restaurant for a quick lunch or a late evening dinner. You don't want to overeat, do you?

A great accompaniment to any outdoor meal, these delicious side dishes and salads are also great starters and stand-alone snacks for whenever the munchies grab you.

Are you ready to try out one of our recipes?

Below You'll Find Our Most Popular Salads, Sides, Starters and Snacks

With so many salads and side dishes to choose from which one of the above recipes caught your eye?  If you're having a hard time deciding, which is often the case.  We recommend either the Mozzarella salad or Mediterranean coleslaw.  Start there since both of these recipes are "big hits" with visitors to this website.

Or maybe you can prepare a classic side dish such as potato skins or one of our many potato salads.  Make up your mind and head for the kitchen.

Whatever you case, for the best dining experience and for the most fulfilling of meals, we recommend you start off with a delicious and tasty salad.

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