Quick, Easy & Simple Grilled Sirloin Steak Recipes For The Outdoor Cook

Here is a collection of our best sirloin steak recipes for outdoor cooks. We teach you how to grill steaks, even if you do not know how to cook a steak.  Know that you've found the grilled sirloin steak recipes you've been looking for, the obvious question is which steak recipe should you try first?

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Very good question.

If you continue to read this page you'll notice that we have several different and unique recipes for all types of steaks including sirloin, your beef cut of choice.

Each of the recipes you'll read about in a minute or two will instruct you on how to grill steaks, even if you've never learned how to cook a steak before.  If you've found the task of cooking a steak difficult in the past, your fears will soon be put to rest as you learn how to grill steaks to perfection.

Now here are my two favorite sirloin steak recipes, along with some other favorites. Read the descriptions below then click over to the recipe that interest you most.

Sirloin Steak Recipes

Grilled Sirloin Steak and Broccoli - A truly delicious steak and broccoli meal that cooks up in 30 minutes or less -- see the picture above of the finished dish. This is one of those quick and easy recipes I go back to when I want to impress.

Garlic Butter Sirloin Steaks - Sirlion steaks or any cut of steak grilled to perfection, have always been my favorite when topped with GARLIC butter. The steaks turned out just how I like them, nice and juicy.

Other Delicious Steak Recipes

New York Strip Steak - Along with the recipe, comes a how to grill steaks tips and techniques that will introduce you to the ends and outs of cooking a steak.  Anyone can place a steak on the grill but not everyone can grill a steak to perfection, until now.

BBQ Pork T-Bone Steak - This is not your everyday steak recipe, a little something special and unique though.  Recipe was contributed by one of our visitors.  Look over the recipe, try it out and leave comments telling me what you think.

Marinated Rump Steak - How does rump steak with garlic onion,  red wine, and mango chutney  sound to you?  Sounds delicious to me.  This is another visitor contributed steak recipe.  I fell for the rump steak cut of meat will living abroad in Europe for many  years.

Rib Eye Steaks - Will you enjoy this rib eye steaks with blue cheese butter recipes?  Only time will tell, you'll have to try out the recipe for yourself.   The addition of the blue cheese butter topping made the recipe for me.

Italian Style Grilled T-Bone Steaks - This is another unique recipe, that was submitted by a visitor.  Although I haven't tried the recipe myself the author put in considerable time developing a easy, straight forward, step-by-step steak recipe.

Peppered Steak - Try out this peppered rump steak recipe with barbecue sauce, made from simple, everyday ingredients you're sure to have on hand in the kitchen.

Texas Style Barbecue Steak - New York Strip is the beef cut of choice for this steak recipe, cooked and served up Texas Style.  Some great tips are offered up along with a handy streak grilling times table.
Black Angus Fillet Mignon - You can really test your grilling skills with this high end black Angus fillet Mignon recipe. This cut of beef is not my favorite so I have yet to try this recipe. If you decide to cook this steak, let me know how things turn out.

That's all folks.

I offered up my two best sirloin steak recipes, along with several other steak recipes.  Now it's up to you to get prepared and get outside grilling up nice and juicy steaks to perfection.

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