Care To Try A Nice, Easy Homemade Soup Recipe?

Looking for soup recipes? We have a few for you to try out!!!

Did I already mention that we love preparing homemade soups while we're out camping, and we make soups when we're at home too. Soups are quick and easy and tremendously satisfying too.

A real comfort food. Soups warm you up when it's cold outside, and cool you down when the sun is blazing.

creole shrimp gumboPot Of Creole Shrimp Gumbo

Scroll down to the campfire recipes below, where you'll find a great recipe for every season, for every taste and for every occasion.

I think you'll find these recipes especially easy to make, but I love them because they don't leave much of a clean up trail - and that's just how I like it, especially when I'm cooking outdoors.

Try One of These Superb Soup Recipes:

Best chicken soup - This is some really good soup. In fact the best I have ever tasted. Give it a try.

Broccoli and cheese soup - A homemade soup that taste just like the soups you can buy at restaurants.

Chicken noodle soup - The kids and wife really love to eat this soup, especially when they are feeling a little under the weather.

Clam chowder recipe - This is probably my most favorite of all seafood soups. the soups texture and taste are very pleasing while you eat.

Dutch split pea soup - If you have never eaten pea soup before this will be a real treat.

Fish stock - Try this tasty fish stock that you can use for many of your seafood soups, stews and other dishes.

German sausage chowder - I prepare this sausage chowder recipe all the time in my dutch oven.

New England fish chowder - This is the most popular chowder that has received rave reviews. If you want something special try this chowder recipe.

Spicy Creole shrimp gumbo - This is 100% Yummy. What more else do I need to say to get your excited enough to try this recipe?

Traditional French pumpkin soup - This traditional pumpkin french soup is something you have to try when pumpkins are fresh and in season.

Okay, this should be enough recipes to get you started. All you have to do is start moving toward the kitchen. Do so now!

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