Try some of these great barbecue and steak marinades

When is the best time to use meat and steak marinades to enhance the flavors of your meats before cooking? Depending on who you ask there are many different opinions on when to add marinades to your meats.

There are also as many opinions on how long to leave your meats in soaking in the marinades for the boldest flavor and best taste.

My feeling is it's "always" just the right time to use barbecue marinades and dry rubs to tenderize meats and add tantalizing flavors and aromas to your barbecue.

If you've ever had a streak from any of the expensive upscales restaurants you already know how big of a difference there is between a cut of meat that has been properly marinated and one that hasn't. Yes, you can really taste the difference.

Whether or not to use a marinade is up to you, of course. I use them all the time, and find that both moist and dry marinades add great flavors to all my outdoor cooking BBQs.

Simple Steak Marinades

The marinades recipes below are outstanding, and will enhance the flavors of meats, fish and vegetables. And marinades add a lot of spice to the party as well, so my advice is to use liberally.

Try these marinades

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