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When you think of outdoor cooking, what thought first comes to mind?

Whenever I hear the words outdoor cooking, or even think the thought, the word BARBECUE always jumps into my mind.

And you know what that means...

Whenever the occasion arises, whether I’m away from the house camping or in the backyard, I always fire up the grill or smoker. The outside weather has never been a factor, anytime of year will do.

I’ve been known to barbecue during the spring, summer, fall, and even winter.

I think you’d agree it's always lots of fun to cook outdoors, since everyone loves to get out of the kitchen and into the great outdoors to prepare a delicious meal.

After thinking about BARBECUE my mind and attention shifts to finding RECIPES!

If you love to cook outdoors you don’t have to be a professional BBQ chef to create mouthwatering meals. All you really need are some great recipes, barbecue tips and techniques.

This is where I can help you. You see...

Over the years, I've acquired plenty of cooking knowledge and most importantly a whole bunch of delicious cooking recipes from various sources and people from all around the world.

Some of the recipes that you’ll read about, and try on this website have been in the family for generations, quite a few I personally developed, and some were willingly contributed by visitors like you.

That said...

If you love to barbecue, and love the outdoor cooking lifestyle, you'll find dozens and dozens of great outdoor recipes on this site that will provide all the inspiration, knowledge and skills you need for motivation to get outside and start cooking.

Hundreds of COOKING RECIPES for YOU to try grilling outdoors for family and friends

We have many different types of outdoor grilling recipes...surely one or two of these recipes will catch your attention, just enough, so that you take notice. In this case, we recommend that you print out the recipes, gather up the ingredients and try your hand at preparing a delicious meal.

I have compiled a list of dozens and dozens of delicious outdoor-cooking and campfire recipes, tips, techniques, and shortcuts to help you prepare a delicious, finger-licking meal your friends and family will rave about.

WARNING about the OUTDOOR GRILLING RECIPES on this website

You'll find that the tantalizing and enticing aroma of these outdoor and camping recipes will draw crowds of people to your campsite or backyard. That said, don't try these recipes when you're grilling or out camping unless you love meeting people and making new friends.

Each of these outdoor cooking recipes, some of which have been in our family for generations and have never been divulged to outsiders before, are perfect for camping and outdoor fun.

Some recipes might not be suitable for all types of camping, such as if you're backpacking and can't be bothered to drag around heavy cooking equipment.

So just use your judgment on what's best for you. Any of the recipes can be prepared at home, of course, in your backyard, on your patio or in your kitchen.

Don’t be ashamed to be called the “Barbecue KING” of your neighborhood or camp ground

It’s true, with some practice you could become the “KING” or “QUEEN” of BBQ.

Believe it or not, as strange as it may sound, your new found love and appreciation for outdoor cooking, when combine with the recipes, tips, and techniques you’ll learn here at this website, will propel you to legendary status among your friends and family.

Imagine how you’ll feel when folks around you, continuously harass you and beg you to get outside and cook up a meal for them.

Cooking might soon consume most of your free time. Some people will be selfish, while others will value your time and will even want to pay you to cook a meal for them.

Enough said...

You are only a few clicks away from some great recipes and good eating.  Are you ready to look around and find some great recipes you can cook outdoors?

If so just read through the table of content descriptions below and then click over to the topic or category of outdoor cooking recipes that interest you most.